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– Home staging has become an essential service in the real estate industry.

– Working with a professional stager gives the homeowner an objective third party opinion.

– Addressing some difficult or delicate issues with sellers is not an easy task and can jeopardize your relationship.

Only 10% of home buyers can visualize the potential of a house.

– Teaming up with a stager allows the property to be sold quickly and for a high-end price.

– Occupied un-staged houses stay 89% longer on the market on average compared to occupied staged houses. That means that it would take a un-staged house 57 days to get sold, whereas it would only take 6 for staged houses.

– Stage the house before the listing. Staged properties always look better on print and online, and thus receive more attention.

Staging means more money in your pocket, whether the house is in an excellent location, or it is a seller’s market. You gain the biggest advantage during bidding wars over property, where the price of the house can increase by 20% to 50%.


– The first impression in selling your house is absolutely crucial. You might never get a second chance.

– 91.3% of people said that staging made a difference to how their property was seen and represented.

– Staging is a worthy money investment. It can yield a 340% return!

– A staged house is equivalent to a move-in ready house. More than 60% of home buyers are willing to pay a higher price for that house.

– For decades, real estate agents have been helping clients move furniture, pack items and make minor repairs. Nowadays, home staging is a sophisticated and more effective approach to selling.

– Staged properties always stand out from the competition in the neighborhood and from the un-staged houses in the same price range.

– The internet is the first source of viewing your property. More than 50% of the properties are eliminated simply by looking through them online! – Staging is more affordable than you think.



– Professional stagers apply a universal style to make the property appeal to the highest number of potential buyers. Unlike interior designers, stagers want the buyers to fall in love with the whole house, not the sofa set or green walls.

Empty houses take much longer to sell and if they do, sell for less than it’s fair value. Without any furniture in the house, buyers cannot visualize how their furnishings will fit.

– Don’t be confused. Staging is not interior designing. It is a marketing strategy with math and science at it’s core. Decorating is what appeals to the homeowner, staging is what appeals to the buyer. Interior designers, decorators, and professional stagers have different skill sets.

– Working with a home stager saves you time on furniture selection, rent arrangement, and delivery. Home stagers have the latest inventory which is stylish and in excellent condition.

Staging is your finishing touch for optimizing property value, maximizing profit, and moving on to the next investment.


– Donald Trump once said – “I don’t have to believe in Feng Shui. I do it because it makes me money.”

– What does Feng Shui have to do with money? Feng Shui is all about energy (chi). It flows throughout the entire house. Some simple choices like wall color and selection and arrangement of furniture improves the energy of the rooms. This in turn harmonizes the chi flow,  bringing pleasant feelings and emotions.

– Since more than 70% of buying decisions are based on emotions, Feng Shui will drastically increase buyers’ activity and interest.

– Help protect your home from harmful energies that may appear in the form of ill health, burglaries, disharmony, and financial problems.

– It is Feng Shui’s premise that living with nature rather than against it benefits both humans and the environment. It creates a supportive environment for fulfillment and prosperity in all aspects of people’s lives.


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