Adding Value With Outdoor Living Spaces

People value the importance of their backyard as part of their living space where they can enjoy their time with family and friends. They are cooking, sunbathing, relaxing, having parties. Even for the houses with smaller backyards this is a significant part of their living space. Therefore, when preparing the house for sale, staging this space is a crucial component that you should not overlook. Here are some things that you can keep an eye on when working on your backyard:

– Keep in mind that in most cases the backyard is visible from your living room window, so you need to make this space welcoming and appealing. You should wisely choose the color and style of your patio set, so that it flows smoothly from your interior design to your outdoors.

– Make sure to add the proper outdoor lighting to your home as it will make it warmer and safer. A well-lit backyard is always appealing to the buyers, especially during late evening hours.

– Pools and hot tubs are more popular than ever these days. Make sure to take that extra effort to keep it sparkling clean and in good repair.

– Do not neglect the importance of plants, trees and shrubs, which can add beauty and privacy to your home when properly placed, neatly trimmed, or planted. Watch out for overgrown trees or shrubs blocking the patio door or the beautiful window view.

– If you have kids and their toys are scattered throughout the backyard, the scenery will distract the buyers from taking note of some of your house’s greatest advantages. The same applies to trash bins. So be sure to put away all toys and trash bins.
In conclusion, do not forget that more than 60% of buyers are willing to pay a higher price for a well-maintained and move-in ready house,  so do not neglect your outdoor space and make it a living extension of your house. It will add significant value!