De-clutter, De-stress, Detox

Our spending habits have skyrocketed over the past decades due to civilization growth and availability of any product you can wish for. Because of this, we have accumulated many things in our lives.

This is why decluttering is a popular rising theme nowadays. TV channels, magazines, your friends and coworkers talk about it. And they do so for a good reason. When you see the difference between before decluttering and after, it will come as no surprise that you will want to share this positive experience.

Remember that your house is a living entity. And it can only be you who is responsible for maintaining it. The more unused stuff you have in your house, the less breathing space your house will have. Don’t be surprised when this reflects negatively on your physical and mental well-being. As for the buyers, your house appears messy and unkempt, not a good first impression you want to give off. But mainly, try to declutter just for yourself.

Donate – have you ever considered that the forgotten toys that you kept for years could be another kid’s joy? The same applies to books that you no longer read or have tucked away and never read. It is time to donate them to the nearest library, to any church, families in need, or any thrift stores. The point is this – when you donate, you are making it better not only for others but also for yourself, knowing that your unused things are going to be used again by someone in need.

Recycle – this is simple. Unfixable, broken, unused stuff you kept for maybe one day to be fixed, glued or used for something else should be recycled or thrown away. Don’t save it in your garage or attic for a better day. Just recycle it at the nearest recycling center where it can be utilized efficiently.

Pack away– if you know you will definitely use your items or they mean a lot to you, pack them and get them out of the way for now. There are viable options available to assist you in this situation and consulting with a staging specialist can provide you with better alternatives. Your house will look much tidier and the clutter will no longer get in your way, especially when you sell your house.

Some people may be emotionally attached to their old items, and it is understandable. But the truth is, once you get those items out of sight, you will most likely not even once stop to think about them, and also let new energy come into your life.

So make the right move and take the right action!