The best part about home staging is that everyone wins. The seller is able to make the sale much quicker and for a good sales price. The realtor gains a higher commission and a good reputation. The buyer is able to live in a house that they will be most satisfied with. So, would you rather leave the sale of your house to a chance, or play an active role in getting it sold quickly and for the best price?

Staging is affordable. Choose one of the services below that best suits your needs.


If you want to stage the property yourself, have time on your hands, and simply want advice on how to prepare the property for sale, the home staging consultation may be your best solution. A face-to-face meeting will provide you with a detailed list of recommendations that could transform your property (both inside and outside) into the house of everybody’s dreams.

Here is how I could do that for you:

“Walk and talk” consultation is a verbal consultation, where the homeowner or the realtor will take notes.

Full report consultation is a comprehensive, customized, and fully captured on paper report which will be ready and delivered to you within 24-48 hours.

Showcasing/Open House/Picture Day

This option works best for occupied properties, if your time and budget are limited, and if you prefer to keep all your furniture and accessories without adding anything from the stager’s inventory or renting company.

You will be surprised that some small changes like re-positioning or moving the furniture, proper arranging your art pieces or borrowing some accessories from one room to another would tremendously help to reveal your house beauty. In most cases, investing your $200 will bring you 3-10 times more in return!

Home Staging

If you do not have enough time or are used to let professionals do what they do best, you are welcome to proceed to the home staging services.

Here are some options:

Partial Staging

This option is a combination of showcasing plus adding some furniture, accessories, art and greenery of my own.

Full Staging

The best part about full home staging is that the professionals will do everything for you. This option is usually recommended for vacant properties or properties to be completely updated with a neutral coat of paint, suitable furniture, accessories and art. Furniture will be ordered directly from a renting company, which would carry most modern and upscale choices. Please note that this option is the priciest of all, but the best part, it is hassle and headache free for you.

Realtor Package

This special offer is for real estate agents only. It includes 2 hours of professional staging services, de-staging,  2 week standard accessory/art/greenery rental kit (includes: staging essentials for one living room, staging essentials for one bedroom and staging essentials for one bathroom. Small furniture pieces can be added if needed). One check up visit before Open house or Picture day.


If you wish to freshen up your home without hiring an expensive designer to take advice on wall colors, stylish furniture choices and their placement, my redesign option is right for you. It will be done tailored to your taste and for an affordable price.