Small Renovations Make Big Changes

Did you ever stay at a 5 Star hotel and notice how well-taken care of and relaxing the luxurious bathrooms are? When trying to sell your house, buyers are no different – they pay special attention to the bathrooms, so why not make the most of your house appearance?

You can easily transform your outdated bathroom into a classy room. This is generally one of the smallest rooms in the house that still grabs a lot of attention. Small renovations, like adding molding to your bathroom mirror, changing the light fixture, painting a fresh coat of light color paint, or adding some nice accessories can make your bathroom look luxurious and neat.

Can you spot the difference between the top-left and top-right pictures above? Here is what I did:

  • Added molding to the existing mirror
  • Changed the light fixture for a more contemporary look
  • Changed the wall color
  • Added accessories, such as plants and art
  • Added crispy-clean, white, luxurious cotton towels

As you can see, it is not a long list at all. Not expensive nor time-consuming, these changes made quite a significant difference to the room appeal.

The powder room is one of the rooms that guests and buyers will come across first. Even this tiny room needs your attention. Don’t overcrowded it with towel bars, soap, magazines and accessories because it will make the room look cluttered.

As you can see, I used molding to frame the bathroom mirror, changed the light fixture, painted the walls with a light grey color.

These simple changes make a small room neat and organized.

The expenses and time spent were minimal and with the desire, everyone can do it.